Team extreme teachers are excited and looking forward to a wonderful year of new learning opportunities. We have a new group of teachers who are working together as a team for the first time. We bring a lot of different talents and ideas with us, and together we believe this is going to be one of the best years of teaching and learning we have experienced. We hope to do learning a little differently this year. We want to learn along side of you, and have you learning from each other. We love collaboration and think it is an essential skill for students learning in today’s world. We want to learn outside of the building, connect with the community and learn in authentic ways. We hope that you are ready to join us on this learning journey. So grab your gear and hang on because it’s going to be a fun ride.

 You can click on the pictures above to take you to one of our latest blog posts, or check out all of the posts on our blog to see what’s happening on Team Extreme.  These blog posts are written by the students and staff on our team.  We hope that you enjoy them!  There are also links to the different teacher webpages, parent resources and our team calendar.  We hope this website proves to be a valuable resource in our learning journey this year.